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Creating Torrents

Adding Torrents

To add a torrent, upload the torrent file to the FTP you were provided with. Torrents will show up only after they have been seeded or used. It will take less than 2 minutes for a torrent to be recognized after it's been uploaded.

Removing Torrents

To remove a torrent, delete the torrent file from the FTP you were provided with and check if you can see the torrent in the /mirrors/ folder. Delete from there if required as well.

Setting Up Categories

Below is a sample configuration file. The easiest way to add a new category is to add:

$i++; // Start next category
$categories[$i]['heading'] = '<h3>Some new category</h3>';
$categories[$i]['wildcards'] = '*Some new category*';
$categories[$i]['name'] = 'Some new category';

below the predefined categories. You can copy and paste this and only change the values. $i++ will increase the number for you so you don't have to number it yourself.

Sample Configuration File


define("CHANNELNAME",    '#%chan%');        // The channel name we display
define("NETWORKNAME",    '%network%');             //The network name we display
define("IRCSERVER",    '%irc%');        //IRC server name, incase it differs from the name of the network
define("WEBSITEURL",    '%website%');     //Website

//Some of the help messages
define("USERTEXT",    '');


$allowed_announces = array("");
                        // a list of allowed announce URLs in torrents,
                        // modify only if you know what you're doing

    Controls where uncategorized torrents go
    Top = top of the page
    Bottom = bottom of the page
$settings['uncategorized_position'] = 'bottom';

    Sort categories
    TRUE = categories are sorted, with exception of the uncategorized category, it will be sorted by the name value
    FALSE = categories are used in the order specified in this config file
$settings['sort_categories'] = TRUE;

    Show recent torrents
    TRUE = on
    FALSE = off
    number = how many entries to display per column
$settings['recent']['status'] = TRUE;
$settings['recent']['number'] = 5;

    Table of Contents (TOC)
    TRUE = show it
    FALSE = don't show it
    number = how many to show per column
$settings['toc']['status'] = TRUE;
$settings['toc']['number'] = 7;
    Define categories here
        0 is uncategorized torrents
        1 is the recent torrents
        2+ are user defined categories
        heading = allows you to insert HTML before the table for this category, be sure to quote it properly in a PHP variable.
                  be sure to use HTML entities when required!
        wildcards = which filenames are matched to this category, multiple wildcards could be used if it was in an array
                             such as array('*blah*','*yada*');
                             wildcards match the display name of a torrent, not filename!
        name = for sorting categories and TOC
$i = 0;
$categories[$i]['heading'] = '<h3>Uncategorized</h3>';
$categories[$i]['wildcards'] = '';
$categories[$i]['name'] = 'Uncategorized';

$i++; // Start next category
$categories[$i]['heading'] = '<h3>New Torrents</h3>';
$categories[$i]['wildcards'] = '';
$categories[$i]['name'] = 'New Torrents';

// End of user editable contents'