Creating Torrents

Suggested Programs

Announce URLs

Announce URLs specify what trackers a torrent will use. Create a torrent with the following announce URLs must be first

Your torrent should look similar to this.

Each entry should be within the SAME group.

Piece Size

Most torrent creation programs allow automatic selection of piece size, you should use that exists. If not, then 256KB/2^18 for 175MB files is a good choice. For larger torrents, increase the piece size. 2MB/2048KB/2^21 or higher is a must for batch torrents. Torrents larger than 200KB are not allowed. This is a table that shows approximate torrent size vs piece size. Setting your program to auto will usually be fine. (Figures in bytes except where noted)

Piece size215216217218219220221221222223
File size32KB64KB128KB256KB512KB1024KB2048KB4096KB8192KB16384KB
Overhead500 bytes

Overhead includes tracker URLs, Description, torrent overhead, etc.

Formula is (file size / piece size) * 20 + overhead

Web Interface

Log on with your provided FTP user & password. You can add and remove torrents from there.

Adding Torrents

  • To add a torrent, upload the torrent file to the FTP you were provided with.
  • Your login info is generally the group name and your password. Host: Port: 5021
  • Torrents will show up only after they have been seeded or used.
  • Torrent filenames must use standard ASCII. Filenames inside the torrent should be encoded with UTF-8.
  • It will take less than 2 minutes for a torrent to be recognized after it's been uploaded.

Removing Torrents

To remove a torrent, delete the torrent file from the FTP you were provided with and check if you can see the torrent in the /mirrors/ folder. Delete from there if required as well.

Setting Up Categories

Below is a sample configuration file. The easiest way to add a new category is to add:

$i++; // Start next category
$categories[$i]['heading'] = '<h3>Some new category</h3>';
$categories[$i]['wildcards'] = '*Some new category*';
$categories[$i]['name'] = 'Some new category';

below the predefined categories. You can copy and paste this and only change the values. $i++ will increase the number for you so you don't have to number it yourself.

Configuration File

You can edit the configuration file to your preferred options.

See for how strings are to be handled.

See for how arrays are to be handled.

A text editor with syntax highlighting for PHP files can be very useful, such as  Notepad++.

Sample Configuration File


define("CHANNELNAME",    '#%chan%');        // The channel name we display
define("NETWORKNAME",    '%network%');             //The network name we display
define("IRCSERVER",    '%irc%');        //IRC server name, incase it differs from the name of the network
define("WEBSITEURL",    '%website%');     //Website

//Some of the help messages
define("USERTEXT",    '');


$allowed_announces = array("");
                        // a list of allowed announce URLs in torrents,
                        // modify only if you know what you're doing

    Controls where uncategorized torrents go
    Top = top of the page
    Bottom = bottom of the page
$settings['uncategorized_position'] = 'bottom';

    Sort categories
    TRUE = categories are sorted, with exception of the uncategorized category, it will be sorted by the name value
    FALSE = categories are used in the order specified in this config file
$settings['sort_categories'] = TRUE;

    Show recent torrents
    TRUE = on
    FALSE = off
    number = how many entries to display per column
$settings['recent']['status'] = TRUE;
$settings['recent']['number'] = 5;

    Table of Contents (TOC)
    TRUE = show it
    FALSE = don't show it
    number = how many to show per column
$settings['toc']['status'] = TRUE;
$settings['toc']['number'] = 7;
    Define categories here
        0 is uncategorized torrents
        1 is the recent torrents
        2+ are user defined categories
        heading = allows you to insert HTML before the table for this category, be sure to quote it properly in a PHP variable.
                  be sure to use HTML entities when required!
        wildcards = which filenames are matched to this category, multiple wildcards could be used if it was in an array
                             such as array('*blah*','*yada*');
                             wildcards match the display name of a torrent, not filename!
        name = for sorting categories and TOC
$i = 0;
$categories[$i]['heading'] = '<h3>Uncategorized</h3>';
$categories[$i]['wildcards'] = '';
$categories[$i]['name'] = 'Uncategorized';

$i++; // Start next category
$categories[$i]['heading'] = '<h3>New Torrents</h3>';
$categories[$i]['wildcards'] = '';
$categories[$i]['name'] = 'New Torrents';

// End of user editable contents'