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Date   Filename   Size   Seeds   Clients   Speed   DL   Xfer'd  
2024-04-14 21:53[SR] Death Note TV 13-181.00 GB000.00 B/s00.00 B
2011-08-02 12:53[SR] Kimi ni Todoke - 01 [41C9A03F].avi172.01 MB000.00 B/s2,021453.65 GB
2011-08-08 00:00[SR] Kimi ni Todoke - 02 [8D75A047].avi172.00 MB000.00 B/s1,145289.99 GB
2011-08-14 16:16[SR] Kimi ni Todoke - 03 [360DFD89].avi172.05 MB000.00 B/s1,023254.29 GB
2011-08-21 19:40[SR] Kimi ni Todoke - 04 [C0F64896].avi172.01 MB000.00 B/s1,163329.65 GB
2011-08-28 09:43[SR] Kimi ni Todoke - 05 [2DCF4009].avi172.02 MB000.00 B/s1,529291.18 GB
2011-09-04 15:03[SR] Kimi ni Todoke - 06 [18E5DF40].avi172.00 MB000.00 B/s1,441307.51 GB
2011-09-11 23:10[SR] Kimi ni Todoke - 07 [F7F51E9C].avi171.98 MB000.00 B/s1,037236.31 GB
2011-09-19 03:23[SR] Kimi ni Todoke - 08 [9F02FBE0].avi171.95 MB000.00 B/s1,242301.95 GB
2011-09-25 18:33[SR] Kimi ni Todoke - 09 [A4355DA2].avi171.96 MB000.00 B/s2,118538.74 GB
2011-10-02 15:33[SR] Kimi ni Todoke - 10 [9F21D078].avi171.42 MB000.00 B/s2,234411.14 GB
2011-10-10 06:20[SR] Kimi ni Todoke - 11 [91044035].avi172.01 MB000.00 B/s1,134289.40 GB
2011-12-13 07:06[SR] Kimi ni Todoke - 12 [3800A982].avi172.01 MB000.00 B/s191131.05 GB
2011-12-13 07:06[SR] Kimi ni Todoke - 13 [D06373CF].avi172.03 MB000.00 B/s17346.05 GB
 Totals3.19 GB00 16,4513.79 TB

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