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2004-10-27 00:56[NIPPONMUSIC] Romantic Mode - Discography (VBR 128 ~ 320 kbps) [RIPPED by GXX-Hell].rar186.45 MB000.00 B/s7001.83 TB
2004-11-26 02:26[NIPPONMUSIC] Two-Mix - Delta Two -Universe- [2006.06.21] (By GXX-Hell).rar59.74 MB000.00 B/s2,109467.22 GB
2005-07-02 15:03[NipponMusic] ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION - Feedbackfile[160kbps] (Album)67.15 MB000.00 B/s1,454250.99 GB
2006-01-02 04:26[NipponMusic] HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR - Enrai ~Tooku ni Aru Akari~[192kbps] (Single)18.02 MB000.00 B/s1,65677.98 GB
2005-12-31 06:53[NipponMusic] TROPICAL GORILLA x Beat Crusaders - CELL No.9[192kbps]23.96 MB000.00 B/s73693.37 GB
2005-03-19 11:50[NipponMusic]Monoral - Visions in my head (Single).rar16.27 MB000.00 B/s63395.04 GB
2005-03-25 23:56[NipponMusic]Okui Masami - zero-G-[320kbps+Scans]52.14 MB000.00 B/s870196.17 GB
2006-01-11 14:16Psycho Le Cému's Discography387.99 MB000.00 B/s416836.64 GB
2005-11-13 00:16[NipponMusic]Raico - Ari no Mama no Uta (single).rar13.35 MB000.00 B/s4507.26 GB
2004-09-08 15:16[NipponMusic]Takashi Sorimachi - Best of Best (Album).rar88.28 MB000.00 B/s604268.19 GB
2004-11-20 23:56[NipponMusic]Takui - Swank god pop[128kbps by Shana ]34.37 MB000.00 B/s25521.78 GB
2005-04-25 04:00[NipponMusic] AAA - BLOOD on FIRE (Single).zip16.07 MB000.00 B/s73473.29 GB
2005-03-06 01:03[NipponMusic] Kagerou - Tonarimachi no Kanojo [320k] (2006.06.14).rar39.34 MB000.00 B/s73077.74 GB
2005-04-08 22:33[NipponMusic] MUCC - COVER PARADE [320k] (2006.06.06).rar92.00 MB000.00 B/s1,1621.25 TB
2005-03-01 06:36[NipponMusic] Merry - Ringo to Uso [192k] (2006.06.21).rar12.86 MB000.00 B/s53615.32 GB
2005-03-01 09:23[NipponMusic] PIERROT - HELLO [192k] (2006.06.21).rar10.22 MB000.00 B/s53213.51 GB
2004-10-29 03:13[NipponMusic] Road of Major - ENERGY (single).rar16.64 MB000.00 B/s51013.46 GB
2004-10-25 20:53[NipponMusic] Saber Tiger - 1997 - Project One [320kbps] [Album].rar128.04 MB000.00 B/s24899.40 GB
2005-03-28 11:16[NipponMusic] TOHOSHINKI - Asu wa Kuru Kara[192kbps+Scans]27.72 MB000.00 B/s46167.12 GB
2005-04-13 08:40[NipponMusic] The Local Art - Tomorrow (Single) [2005.04.13].rar12.58 MB000.00 B/s3668.96 GB
2005-02-25 21:46[NipponMusic] UVERworld - Colors of the Heart (single).rar30.08 MB000.00 B/s1,170328.75 GB
2005-04-16 07:13[NipponMusic] deathgaze - genocide and mass murder [320k] (2006.07.12).rar115.74 MB000.00 B/s662513.81 GB
1970-01-01 08:13[Nipponmusic] Monkey Majik - thank you (320kbps)97.42 MB000.00 B/s00.00 B
2006-01-22 05:50[Nipponmusic]Hardcore Super J-Trance Party vol. 2 80-90 Non-Stop (VBR).mp385.17 MB000.00 B/s860200.76 GB
2005-08-07 22:26[Nipponmusic]THE YELLOW MONKEY - [MOTHER OF ALL THE BEST] (192kbps CBR).rar273.74 MB000.00 B/s6,1064.06 TB
2005-08-15 15:43TRF.-.WORKS.~THE.BEST.OF.TRF~[LAME.160K.MP3].rar131.69 MB000.00 B/s1,777600.92 GB
2005-07-22 20:03TRF.-.[Lif-e-Motions]. .(MP3).rar157.30 MB000.00 B/s480114.48 GB
2005-10-24 04:53[Nipponmusic]ZARD Discography (PACK #!1).rar430.36 MB000.00 B/s2,1854.31 TB
2005-10-30 11:33[Nipponmusic]ZARD Discography (PACK #!3).rar233.27 MB000.00 B/s2,2481.63 TB
2006-02-25 10:56[Nipponmusic] Ami.Suzuki - AMIx.WORLD.rar92.43 MB000.00 B/s990124.37 GB
2005-12-29 19:03[Nipponmusic] Anime ParaPara MAX - COMPLETE.rar211.43 MB000.00 B/s1,8466.54 TB
2004-10-11 13:33[Nipponmusic] Chirolyn & The Angels - kimi ni aete yokatta27.23 MB010.00 B/s450116.89 GB
2005-07-07 10:53[Nipponmusic] Every.Little.Thing.-.[Cyber.TRANCE.presents.ELT.TRANCE] (VBR) (By GXX-Hell).rar91.40 MB000.00 B/s1,310277.15 GB
2005-07-06 12:06[Nipponmusic] Every.Little.Thing.-.[SUPER.EUROBEAT.presents.Euro.Every.Little.Thing] (VBR) (By GXX-Hell).rar122.25 MB000.00 B/s1,294468.65 GB
2006-01-18 05:10[Nipponmusic] Gazen PARAPARA!! presents SUPER J-EURO BEST (192kbps CBR).zip98.76 MB000.00 B/s794651.55 GB
2005-07-27 12:50[Nipponmusic] Gundam 0083 - Stardust Memory - OST Vol 1.rar148.06 MB000.00 B/s2,5917.65 TB
2005-07-27 12:33[Nipponmusic] Gundam 0083 - Stardust Memory - OST Vol 2.rar102.24 MB000.00 B/s1,322314.15 GB
2005-02-11 13:03[Nipponmusic] Gundam Singles History I, II, III [By GXX-Hell].zip171.14 MB000.00 B/s2,5841.60 TB
2006-01-28 01:33[Nipponmusic] Onmyouza - Hyakkiryouran.rar62.70 MB000.00 B/s8781.96 TB
2006-01-28 01:33[Nipponmusic] Onmyouza - Kikokutensho.rar43.54 MB000.00 B/s872385.97 GB
2006-02-25 12:36[Nipponmusic] Rina Aiuchi - RINA AIUCHI REMIXES.rar79.32 MB000.00 B/s1,180262.97 GB
2005-05-13 12:00[Nipponmusic] Romantic Mode - Romantic Pleasures (By GXX-Hell).rar69.98 MB000.00 B/s892425.43 GB
2006-02-25 11:46[Nipponmusic] SUEMITSU & THE SUEMITH - Astaire.zip30.14 MB000.00 B/s46859.61 GB
2006-02-23 05:53[Nipponmusic] Savage Genius - Aizome.rar57.54 MB000.00 B/s1,476187.52 GB
2006-01-18 04:36[Nipponmusic] Shurato - Tensei Gensou (192kbps CBR).rar51.99 MB000.00 B/s1,356113.59 GB
2005-12-06 08:00[Nipponmusic] Shuubi - ai no shi (By GXX-Hell).rar19.43 MB000.00 B/s33010.32 GB
2005-02-27 04:20[Nipponmusic] X Japan1.96 GB000.00 B/s1,1686.60 TB
2006-01-22 07:13[Nipponmusic] Yuki Kimura - Sole Sorfege.rar60.95 MB000.00 B/s614371.39 GB
2005-03-29 07:00[Nipponmusic] maximum the hormone - koi no mega lova [320kbps] (Single)30.62 MB000.00 B/s898185.51 GB
2006-05-01 08:36[nipponmusi] Mr.Children - yasashii uta [PV]71.46 MB000.00 B/s770105.04 GB
2005-06-21 03:13[nipponmusic] 10-FEET - Twister [320kbps] (Album).rar86.66 MB000.00 B/s5621.12 TB
2005-10-13 09:26[nipponmusic] An Cafe - Smile Ichiban Ii Onna (2006.09.20)18.87 MB000.00 B/s28819.53 GB
2005-09-15 17:00[nipponmusic] Asai Kenichi - WAY (Single)[192kbps] (2006.09.13)16.23 MB000.00 B/s27227.25 GB
2005-04-08 17:33[nipponmusic] Aya Kamiki - Secret Code [192kbps] (2006.07.12).rar70.10 MB000.00 B/s1,452622.12 GB
2005-04-07 12:56[nipponmusic] BON-BON BLANCO - Yurayura Yureru (320 kbps) (2006.08.30)30.43 MB010.00 B/s34428.07 GB
2005-03-08 10:16[nipponmusic] BONNIE PINK - A Perfect Sky [192kbps] (2006.06.28).rar20.91 MB000.00 B/s1,678100.17 GB
2005-02-28 09:13[nipponmusic] Cocco - Zansaian [320kbps] (2006.06.21).rar118.50 MB000.00 B/s930807.77 GB
2006-01-07 23:53[nipponmusic] Dragon Ash - few lights till night [192kbps] (2006.09.27)15.03 MB000.00 B/s65215.20 GB
2005-04-04 19:06[nipponmusic] Duel Jewel - azure [128kbps] (2006.07.05)11.68 MB000.00 B/s36118.09 GB
2005-07-05 13:20[nipponmusic] ELLEGARDEN - Salamander(PV).mpg85.90 MB000.00 B/s1,680275.92 GB
2005-03-09 22:23[nipponmusic] ENDLICHERI ENDLICHERI - The Rainbow Star [320kbps] (2006.06.28).rar37.99 MB000.00 B/s40831.27 GB
2006-01-13 00:43[nipponmusic] Flow - Ryuusei Sharirara [192kbps] [2004.02.18]18.14 MB000.00 B/s1,15634.39 GB
2005-10-14 21:50[nipponmusic] GARNET CROW - Maboroshi (2006.09.13)17.42 MB000.00 B/s41617.11 GB
2005-02-27 00:10[nipponmusic] Hitomi Yaida - STARTLiNE [320kbps] (2006.06.21).rar14.27 MB000.00 B/s84016.29 GB
2004-11-14 16:00[nipponmusic] Hyun Young - Noona's Dream[192kbps].rar14.07 MB000.00 B/s29213.93 GB
2006-01-02 05:16[nipponmusic] Koda Kumi - Yume no Uta & Futari de (2006.10.18)42.88 MB000.00 B/s4329.39 GB
2006-04-22 06:00[nipponmusic] MEILIN - SAVE MY SOUL( 2007.02.14) [PV]165.78 MB100.00 B/s30063.62 GB
2005-04-12 17:06[nipponmusic] MISSILE INNOVATION - Be a man [320kbps] (2006.7.05).rar94.44 MB000.00 B/s702454.64 GB
2005-08-29 18:36[nipponmusic] Miyavi - miyaviuta - uta ~dokusou~ [192kbps] (2006.09.13)54.63 MB000.00 B/s998129.45 GB
2006-07-22 10:36[nipponmusic] Mr.Children - mirai (2005.06.29)【PV】38.92 MB000.00 B/s99475.05 GB
2004-12-01 19:40[nipponmusic] Nami Tamaki - Speciality [192kbps] (2006.07.12).rar67.03 MB000.00 B/s2,223577.62 GB
2006-04-30 20:40[nipponmusic] Namie Amuro - Baby Don't Cry [192kbps] (2007.01.24)27.71 MB000.00 B/s2,634205.56 GB
2006-02-06 02:46[nipponmusic] OLIVIA inspi' REIRA(TRAPNEST) Wish NANA[192kbps] [2006.10.11]22.73 MB000.00 B/s1,444222.53 GB
2006-01-14 06:10[nipponmusic] ORANGE RANGE - SAYONARA (2006.10.25)14.63 MB000.00 B/s1,43443.17 GB
2005-10-09 12:40[nipponmusic] Porno Graffitti - Winding Road[ 192kbps] (2006.10.04)15.78 MB000.00 B/s2,582158.09 GB
2005-04-15 20:56[nipponmusic] Quruli x Rip Slyme - Juice [ 192kbps] [2006.07.05].rar12.46 MB000.00 B/s1,60054.99 GB
2005-10-10 21:10[nipponmusic] RAG FAIR - Kimi no Tame ni Boku ga Tate ni Naro (2006.09.20)10.08 MB000.00 B/s2482.79 GB
2005-03-30 14:56[nipponmusic] Rie fu - Until I Say (704x480 MPEG2) (2006.07.19) (PV).mpg192.17 MB000.00 B/s829353.28 GB
2005-04-08 18:06[nipponmusic] Rip Slyme x Quruli - Lovi [192kbps] [2006.07.05].rar10.39 MB000.00 B/s91673.97 GB
2006-02-16 08:20[nipponmusic] SHAKALABBITS - Monologue [192kbps] (2006.11.22)10.87 MB000.00 B/s27812.30 GB
2005-10-04 07:06[nipponmusic] SOUL'd OUT - Starlight Destiny [192kbps] (2006.09.27)21.73 MB000.00 B/s1,08643.97 GB
2005-03-30 22:26[nipponmusic] SOUTH BLOW - Star Dust [320kbps] (2006.06.21).rar16.93 MB000.00 B/s3308.45 GB
2006-01-15 22:26[nipponmusic] Saki Fukuda - Sakippo [192kbps] (2006.09.06)71.42 MB000.00 B/s487964.06 GB
2005-02-27 04:20[nipponmusic] TOKIO - Get Your Dream [320kbps] (2006.06.21).rar46.77 MB000.00 B/s938239.32 GB
2005-02-27 03:30[nipponmusic] Tamao and Nakagawa Ke - Osaka Paradise [320kbps] (2006.06.21).rar32.87 MB000.00 B/s41630.35 GB
2005-10-09 03:30[nipponmusic] The Birthday - Stupid (2006.08.23)25.30 MB000.00 B/s2548.81 GB
2004-12-16 03:16[nipponmusic] Tommy heavenly6 - Pray [192kbps] [2006.07.05].rar22.04 MB000.00 B/s1,97293.00 GB
2006-01-14 13:56[nipponmusic] U-ka Saegusa IN db - Taiyo [192kbps] (2006.09.20)20.09 MB000.00 B/s38047.03 GB
2005-01-21 08:26[nipponmusic] UA x Naruyoshi Kikuchi - cure jazz [192kbps] (Album).rar101.52 MB000.00 B/s710411.50 GB
2005-02-28 03:23[nipponmusic] UZI - Utsubeshi ~Ashita no tame ni~ [320kbps] (2006.06.21).rar27.94 MB000.00 B/s37039.29 GB
2006-01-06 14:50[nipponmusic] WaT - Ready Go! (Regular Edition)192kbps (2006.11.01)48.89 MB000.00 B/s47887.32 GB
2005-08-31 01:10[nipponmusic] YUI - I remember you [320kbps] (2006.09.20)36.01 MB000.00 B/s2,384363.56 GB
2004-09-05 04:46[nipponmusic] hide - HIDE YOUR FACE [320kbps] (Album) [1994.02.23].rar177.00 MB000.00 B/s6383.17 TB
2005-02-27 18:30[nipponmusic] hide - MISERY [320kbps] [1996.06.24].rar17.57 MB000.00 B/s50864.15 GB
2005-03-11 06:36[nipponmusic] m-flo loves Emi Hinouchi & Ryohei - Summer Time Love [320kbps] (2006.06.28).rar35.13 MB000.00 B/s2,056210.08 GB
2004-12-31 23:3337.62 MB000.00 B/s694360.50 GB
2005-02-27 07:56[nipponmusic] 10-FEET - OVERCOME [320kbps].rar21.69 MB000.00 B/s41416.11 GB
2006-01-09 21:10[nipponmusic] 175r-GLORY DAYS (2004) [80kbps AAC+]7.25 MB000.00 B/s1766.98 GB
2006-01-11 09:16[nipponmusic] 175r-SHINE, HIKARI NO MICHISHIRUBE (2005) [80kbps AAC+]8.52 MB000.00 B/s1966.69 GB
2006-01-03 06:50[nipponmusic] 54 Nude Honeys - crazy honey bunny (128kbps)12.90 MB000.00 B/s3947.53 GB
2006-01-13 18:30[nipponmusic] AAA - ALL 2 (320kbps + scans)87.13 MB000.00 B/s930219.06 GB
2006-04-28 12:00[nipponmusic] AAA - CRAZY GONNA CRAZY ( 2007.02.07)[PV]147.19 MB000.00 B/s364107.04 GB
2004-11-05 12:33[nipponmusic] ALICE NINE - Zekkeishoku[128kbps].rar46.68 MB000.00 B/s386123.89 TB
2005-04-19 11:20[nipponmusic] ANNA inspi' NANA - rose [192kbps].rar15.08 MB000.00 B/s2,08253.33 GB
2005-03-18 17:30[nipponmusic] ANNA inspi' NANA - rose (PV).avi91.41 MB000.00 B/s970517.54 GB
2005-08-30 19:53[nipponmusic] ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION - FANCLUB (320kbps)[2006.03.15].rar114.88 MB000.00 B/s1,6862.04 TB
2006-01-13 11:16[nipponmusic] ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION - Aru Machi no Gunjou [320kbps]17.00 MB000.00 B/s1,78677.34 GB
2004-10-09 16:00[nipponmusic] Alice Nine - Velvet [PV].avi70.53 MB000.00 B/s508454.19 GB
2004-10-22 08:10[nipponmusic] Alice Nine-Yuri ha aoku saite[192kbps](single).rar12.72 MB000.00 B/s48012.71 GB
2005-04-12 03:46[nipponmusic] Angela aki -ONE [192kbps] [Mini Album].rar37.89 MB000.00 B/s1,785699.85 GB
2005-10-22 14:00[nipponmusic] Antic Café × Shelly Trip Realize - Shelly Tic Cafe [128kbps] (Album).rar40.50 MB000.00 B/s322238.30 GB
2006-01-17 07:30[nipponmusic] Antique Cafe-Magnya Carta [192kbps] (2006.11.29)68.42 MB000.00 B/s620150.68 GB
2004-11-13 21:56[nipponmusic] Art-School - 1st demo tape[128kbps].rar15.34 MB000.00 B/s2284.89 GB
2005-07-08 22:26[nipponmusic] Asian Kung-Fu Generation-1st. Indies Album - THE TIME PAST AND I COULDN'T SEE YOU AGAIN17.35 MB000.00 B/s2,142204.56 GB
2006-12-07 15:23[nipponmusic] Aya Kamiki Singles [lossless]271.12 MB000.00 B/s5821.63 TB
2005-02-25 18:43[nipponmusic] Ayumi Hamasaki - BLUE BIRD(2006.06.21).rar38.76 MB000.00 B/s1,713588.12 GB
2006-01-07 15:16[nipponmusic] Ayumi Hamasaki - Secret [320kbps][2006.11.29]131.28 MB000.00 B/s4,2281.20 TB
2005-03-29 23:23[nipponmusic] B'z - B'z (320kbps) (1988.09.21)91.40 MB000.00 B/s3881.36 TB
1970-05-18 08:50[nipponmusic] B'z - MONSTER [320kbps] [Album].rar0.00 B000.00 B/s00.00 B
2005-03-03 08:53[nipponmusic] B'z - MONSTER [320kbps].rar116.27 MB000.00 B/s1,9281.36 TB
2004-09-26 11:03[nipponmusic] B'z - Yuruginaimonohitotsu[192kbps](Single).rar10.77 MB000.00 B/s1,068165.95 GB
2004-10-03 07:3098.74 MB000.00 B/s6802.35 TB
2004-10-26 14:40[nipponmusic] BEAT CRUSADERS - Day After Day x Solitaire[192kbps](single).rar19.49 MB000.00 B/s88649.27 GB
2005-08-28 19:50[nipponmusic] BEAT CRUSADERS - TONIGHT,TONIGHT,TONIGHT [192kbps] (2006.09.06)18.60 MB000.00 B/s78624.87 GB
2005-07-16 22:06[nipponmusic] Blankey Jet City - Skunk (192kbps)66.33 MB000.00 B/s637438.46 GB
2006-01-03 06:50[nipponmusic] Bleach - Canary Teikoku no Gyakushuu (320kbps)18.87 MB000.00 B/s1,37049.93 GB
2005-07-04 20:23[nipponmusic] Bleach - Migi mo Hidari mo Shihaisuru Atama wa Kyoo mo Niku wo Kui Yodare wo Tarasu (2006.05.05) (320kbps)94.15 MB000.00 B/s1,322351.12 GB
2006-01-03 07:56[nipponmusic] Bleach - Odoru Kubi (320kbps)40.64 MB000.00 B/s1,438144.58 GB
2004-09-05 19:13[nipponmusic] Buck-Tick - Mona Lisa Overdrive[128kbps] (Album).rar55.45 MB000.00 B/s77262.10 GB
2005-07-24 07:20[nipponmusic] Bump of Chicken Albums [192kbps]396.86 MB000.00 B/s15,07321.86 TB
2005-07-22 06:26[nipponmusic] Bump of Chicken Singles [192kbps]146.65 MB000.00 B/s7,1072.24 TB
2006-08-07 02:26[nipponmusic] COOL-HOTS - welcome to GOLD TOWN (PV).wmv23.31 MB000.00 B/s12033.78 GB
2005-03-20 14:46[nipponmusic] Chihiro Yonekura- Aozora to Kimi e [192kbps] (Single).rar24.73 MB000.00 B/s1,01049.92 GB
2006-01-04 08:23[nipponmusic] Dragon Ash - few lights till night [192kbps] (2006.09.27)15.03 MB000.00 B/s53830.95 GB
2005-08-24 09:10[nipponmusic] ELLEGARDEN - ELEVEN FIRE CRACKERS [192kbps]53.49 MB000.00 B/s3,284866.82 GB
2006-04-29 16:53[nipponmusic] EXILE - Lovers Again[Limited Edition](192kbps] (2007.01.17)39.39 MB000.00 B/s1,695221.90 GB
2004-11-13 21:40[nipponmusic] Ellegarden -[1st Album]2002 - Don't Trust Anyone But Us [160kbps].rar56.46 MB000.00 B/s2,2162.12 TB
2004-11-15 15:20[nipponmusic] Ellegarden -[1st Mini Album]2001 - Ellegarden [128kbps].rar16.50 MB000.00 B/s1,003245.07 GB
2005-07-05 19:10[nipponmusic] Ellegarden-Salamander [320kbps] (Single).rar20.40 MB000.00 B/s832115.13 GB
2004-08-21 10:20[nipponmusic] Every Little Thing - azure moon (320kbps)[2006.03.15].rar32.04 MB000.00 B/s942294.73 GB
2005-03-01 16:03[nipponmusic] FUNKY MONKEY BABYS - ALWAYS [192kbps] [2006.06.21].rar23.54 MB000.00 B/s62237.31 GB
2005-06-22 22:16[nipponmusic] Fatima (Exit) [192kbps] [2005.04.27].rar46.93 MB000.00 B/s26826.81 GB
2006-01-10 19:56[nipponmusic] Flow - Life is beautiful13.75 MB000.00 B/s1,66238.36 GB
2005-11-12 21:13[nipponmusic] GAM - Melodies [320kbps] (2006.10.18)28.79 MB000.00 B/s63835.22 GB
2005-03-28 15:10[nipponmusic] GARNET CROW - (S) - Yume Hanabi [192lbps] (2006-07-05).rar33.22 MB000.00 B/s1,760247.19 GB
2005-10-05 23:23[nipponmusic] GARNET CROW - THE TWILIGHT VALLEY [320kbps] (2006.10.04)112.25 MB000.00 B/s1,119438.28 GB
2004-10-18 19:43[nipponmusic] HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR - Gou on PROGRESSIVE(Album).rar81.63 MB000.00 B/s1,0881.78 TB
2006-01-09 20:53[nipponmusic] HOME MADE KAZOKU - Everybody Needs Music [320kbps] (2006.11.22)34.85 MB000.00 B/s1,205162.43 GB
2005-02-27 07:06[nipponmusic] Haruka Shimotsuki + Revo(Sound Horizon) - Kiri no Muko ni Tsunagaru Sekai [192kbps].rar20.97 MB000.00 B/s652140.27 GB
2005-02-26 00:50[nipponmusic] Hirai Ken - Bye My Melody[256kbps] [2006.06.14].rar28.62 MB000.00 B/s1,796354.55 GB
2005-03-19 21:50[nipponmusic] JILS-Innocent Cry [192kbps] (single).rar24.42 MB000.00 B/s28816.40 GB
2004-11-09 16:00[nipponmusic] Janne Da Arc - HEAVEN [PV].mpg169.03 MB000.00 B/s4302.38 TB
2004-12-08 08:36[nipponmusic] Janne Da Arc 10th Anniversary INDIES COMPLETE BOX~ [320kbps]234.75 MB000.00 B/s1,0395.20 TB
2006-01-03 19:03[nipponmusic] Japan Trance Dj Yoo! Non Stop Mix Ymo Ayumi Hamasaki131.82 MB000.00 B/s1,512341.73 GB
2005-06-18 22:10[nipponmusic] Jin Shirosaki - BULLDOG [320kbps] (2006.06.21).rar29.45 MB000.00 B/s47833.19 GB
2004-10-28 10:16[nipponmusic] Judy and Mary - Warp[192kbps].rar69.34 MB000.00 B/s6701.40 TB
2006-01-18 04:36[nipponmusic] Kahimi Karie - Girly (320kbps)40.61 MB000.00 B/s858211.30 GB
2004-08-16 07:00[nipponmusic] Kamiki Aya - Communication Break (192kbps) [2006.03.15].rar21.12 MB000.00 B/s79274.46 GB
2021-04-27 10:33[nipponmusic] Kazami - Air on G-string[192kbps](single).rar0.00 B000.00 B/s00.00 B
2005-03-19 06:16[nipponmusic] Ketchup mania - Your World [192kbps] (Single).rar10.55 MB000.00 B/s33014.59 GB
2006-05-15 10:40[nipponmusic] L'Arc~en~Ciel - 15th L'Anniversary Live Tokyo Dome[live]1.15 GB000.00 B/s1,3685.93 TB
2006-03-21 21:53[nipponmusic] LOST IN TIME - Mada furusato e wa kaerenai (192kbps)18.00 MB000.00 B/s42250.60 GB
2005-08-12 06:53[nipponmusic] LOVE PSYCHEDELICO - Fantastic World [320kbps]18.80 MB000.00 B/s1,17442.87 GB
2005-03-19 09:03[nipponmusic] LOVE PSYCHEDELICO -Aha! - [192kbps] (Single).rar19.00 MB000.00 B/s68318.33 GB
2006-03-04 22:23[nipponmusic] LUNKHEAD - sakura hiyori+PV [320kbps] (2007.01.24)66.01 MB000.00 B/s530172.34 GB
2005-03-09 15:10[nipponmusic] Lead - Summer Madness [320kbps] [2006.06.21].rar32.05 MB000.00 B/s46268.38 GB
2004-08-10 12:06[nipponmusic] Lead - Virgin Blue [320kbps] (single).rar36.45 MB000.00 B/s38227.09 GB
2005-03-05 02:00[nipponmusic] Lena Park - COSMORAMA [192kbps] (Album).rar81.89 MB000.00 B/s578135.74 GB
2005-03-01 08:16[nipponmusic] M-Flo-been so long [192kbps] (single).rar31.27 MB000.00 B/s1,040175.83 GB
2005-03-01 11:03[nipponmusic] M-Flo-chronopsychology [192kbps] (single).rar36.03 MB000.00 B/s94678.73 GB
2005-03-01 11:20[nipponmusic] M-flo-come again [192kbps] (single).rar37.69 MB000.00 B/s1,146328.93 GB
2004-10-29 10:10[nipponmusic] MARIA - Chisana Uta [192kbps](Single).rar16.75 MB000.00 B/s31812.63 GB
2006-04-29 02:43[nipponmusic] MISIA - LUV PARADE (Color of Life) [192kbps] (2006-07-05).rar29.87 MB000.00 B/s2,712407.05 GB
2004-11-06 21:36[nipponmusic] MUCC - 6 [192kbps].rar41.54 MB000.00 B/s574148.48 GB
2006-01-29 20:53[nipponmusic] MUCC - gokusai [320kbps] (2006.12.06)153.82 MB000.00 B/s858365.75 GB
2005-05-12 02:23[nipponmusic] Madeth Gray'll - Lucifer [128kbps] (album).rar45.34 MB000.00 B/s46419.50 GB
2005-02-25 18:43[nipponmusic] Mai Kuraki - Diamond Wave(2006.06.21).rar20.82 MB000.00 B/s988112.81 GB
2005-03-07 04:33[nipponmusic] Mi - 80's x Mi [192kbps] (album).rar67.56 MB000.00 B/s41077.10 GB
2005-03-26 04:56[nipponmusic] Miyavi - Kimi ni Negai wo [192kbps] [2006.07.05].rar7.18 MB000.00 B/s2,41022.43 GB
2005-04-04 18:50[nipponmusic] Monkey Majik - Fly [192kbps] (2006-01-18)15.59 MB000.00 B/s52720.43 GB
2005-03-27 13:03[nipponmusic] Mr. Children - Houkiboshi [192kbps] [2006.07.05].rar17.86 MB000.00 B/s5,965710.16 GB
2006-01-09 08:23[nipponmusic] NANA starring MIKA NAKASHIMA - Hitoiro [192kbps] [2006.11.29]24.83 MB000.00 B/s5,232161.26 GB
2005-03-25 01:26[nipponmusic] NIRGILIS - KING , LEMON , Ice Skating For Live [128kbps] (Single).rar18.48 MB000.00 B/s72852.19 GB
2004-10-14 01:50[nipponmusic] Nami Uehara - 15[256kbps](2006.03.29).rar89.13 MB000.00 B/s304185.29 GB
2004-11-17 19:33[nipponmusic] Nano-Mugen Compilation 2006.rar80.05 MB000.00 B/s703251.83 GB
2004-12-18 12:46[nipponmusic] Noriko Sakai - CD File Volume 2 [320kbps] (Album).rar87.74 MB000.00 B/s5421.06 TB
2004-10-19 17:23[nipponmusic] Noriko Sakai - CD File Voume 1 [320kbps].rar76.08 MB000.00 B/s1,336825.06 GB
2005-03-28 21:50[nipponmusic] OLIVIA inspi' REIRA - a little pain [192kbps].rar17.89 MB000.00 B/s3,038197.99 GB
2006-01-26 04:16[nipponmusic] ORANGE RANGE - ORANGE RANGE [192kbps] (2006.12.06)103.17 MB000.00 B/s3,504516.30 GB
2005-07-05 15:50[nipponmusic] Oricon Top 10 New Singles 2006.08.21 [192kbps].rar56.34 MB000.00 B/s1,396191.56 GB
2005-04-06 13:53[nipponmusic] Oricon Weekly Top 30 [192kbps] [2006.07.03].rar214.88 MB000.00 B/s3,7426.27 TB
2004-08-21 16:43[nipponmusic] PENICILLIN - Tsukisenkonikagayaku ZERO (192 kbps) [2006.03.15].rar24.14 MB000.00 B/s6541.63 TB
2004-10-28 01:23[nipponmusic] PSY-S - Mint-Electric (320CBR).rar93.32 MB000.00 B/s4243.75 TB
2006-01-23 00:43[nipponmusic] PUFFY - Hataraku Otoko [320kbps] (2006.11.22)26.45 MB000.00 B/s79049.12 GB
2005-06-11 07:56[nipponmusic] PUFFY-Splurge [192kbps] (Album).rar72.55 MB000.00 B/s636947.46 GB
2006-01-03 13:46[nipponmusic] Penicillin - Kakkaku (192kbps)67.09 MB000.00 B/s660193.74 GB
2005-06-09 04:00[nipponmusic] Perfume- Linear Motor Girl [256kbps] (single).rar19.05 MB000.00 B/s504119.18 GB
2006-01-02 00:00[nipponmusic] Porno Graffiti - m-CABI [320Kbps] (2006.11.22)153.42 MB000.00 B/s2,412933.89 GB
2005-02-27 21:00[nipponmusic] RAG FAIR - Furisona Ikuoku no Hoshi no Yoru [320kbps] (2006.06.14).rar17.41 MB000.00 B/s37816.11 GB
2004-11-11 16:3617.26 MB000.00 B/s70037.37 GB
2005-02-22 04:36[nipponmusic] RIP SLYME to Quruli - Lovi[PV](2006.07.05).mpg178.72 MB000.00 B/s587451.62 GB
2004-11-05 06:43[nipponmusic] RYTHEM - Negai [256kbps] (10th Single).rar17.94 MB000.00 B/s64620.34 GB
2004-08-01 17:00[nipponmusic] Rie fu - Tiny Tiny Melody (320kbps) [2006.03.08](single).rar21.39 MB000.00 B/s1,09026.66 GB
2006-01-05 12:26[nipponmusic] Rina Aiuchi - DELIGHT [192kbps] (2006.05.31)87.75 MB000.00 B/s698393.46 GB
2005-03-01 06:53[nipponmusic] Rurutia- Kazuo Umezu Kyofu Gekijo~Rurutia Tracks [192kbps] [2005.06.22].rar60.26 MB000.00 B/s1,070411.78 GB
2005-04-23 04:4660.46 MB000.00 B/s4242.98 TB
2005-03-03 03:03[nipponmusic] SOUL'd OUT - Remixies & Outside [album].rar75.30 MB000.00 B/s900634.84 GB
2004-07-30 11:06[nipponmusic] SOUL'd OUT - ALIVE[192kbps] (2006.03.08)86.57 MB000.00 B/s794906.03 GB
2005-03-23 12:13[nipponmusic] STANCE PUNKS - Lost Boys March (320kbps) (2004.05.05).rar20.73 MB000.00 B/s2817.90 GB
2005-03-22 10:06[nipponmusic] Shelly Trip Realize-Darlin [192kbps] (Single).rar17.13 MB000.00 B/s2436.11 GB
2012-08-07 16:40[nipponmusic] Shibata Jun - Hanafubuki [192kbps](Single).rar0.00 B000.00 B/s00.00 B
2004-10-30 04:13[nipponmusic] Shimatani Hitomi - Haru Machibito Camellia[320kbps].rar53.53 MB000.00 B/s808192.54 GB
2005-01-11 14:16[nipponmusic] Sowelu - 24 - Twenty Four [192kbps] (2006.07.12).rar71.58 MB000.00 B/s1,493815.85 GB
2006-05-09 23:00[nipponmusic] Sowelu -Shiawase no Chikara [192kbps] (2007.01.24)29.10 MB000.00 B/s1,16056.10 GB
2004-10-07 02:20[nipponmusic] Suara - musouka utawareru mono OP[192kbps].rar26.45 MB000.00 B/s708235.17 GB
2005-03-16 03:16[nipponmusic] Summer Snow Surprise - We Set Music Free [320kbps].rar42.16 MB000.00 B/s162102.49 GB
2004-10-29 22:40[nipponmusic] T.M.Revolution - 1000000000000 - Billion (320kbps) (2006.06.07).rar199.14 MB000.00 B/s2,0772.41 TB
2005-08-27 16:20[nipponmusic] TATE & MARKIE - Voices [320kbps] (Single).rar28.70 MB000.00 B/s24635.25 GB
2006-05-05 09:00[nipponmusic] TERIYAKI BOYZ - I still love H.E.R. featuring KANYE WEST (320kbps)33.35 MB000.00 B/s1,732166.65 GB
2004-08-14 14:10[nipponmusic] THE JAPAN GOLD DISC AWARD 2006 [320kbps](2006.03.01).rar140.25 MB000.00 B/s1,5961.48 TB
2005-07-05 18:53[nipponmusic] TOKIO - Sorafune [192kbps] (Single).rar34.71 MB000.00 B/s828224.30 GB
2014-03-13 23:23[nipponmusic] TOKIO - Sorafune [Regular Edition (First Press)] (2006.08.23)35.44 MB000.00 B/s00.00 B
2006-01-16 00:06[nipponmusic] TRIBAL CHAIR - little warmth (192kbps)31.64 MB000.00 B/s346891.14 GB
2006-01-06 00:06[nipponmusic] Tak Matsumoto (B'z Guitarist) - The Changing (320 kbps + Scans)41.40 MB000.00 B/s824151.42 GB
2004-08-21 08:40[nipponmusic] Tamaki Nami - MY WAY Sunrize [2006.03.24].rar40.78 MB000.00 B/s1,686370.52 GB
2005-02-25 22:36[nipponmusic] The Back Horn - Baokuon Yumehanabi (DVD Audio)[192kbps].rar138.59 MB000.00 B/s320200.56 GB
2004-10-28 01:23[nipponmusic] The Back Horn - Yomigaeru Hi (128kbps).rar48.48 MB000.00 B/s4102.65 TB
2005-03-29 18:56[nipponmusic] The Back Horn -cobalt blue[192kbps] (Single).rar19.55 MB000.00 B/s34661.69 GB
2004-08-06 03:56[nipponmusic] Tohoshinki - Ashita ha kurukara[192kbps] (03.08.06)(single).rar27.13 MB000.00 B/s262224.19 GB
2005-02-28 02:16[nipponmusic] UNDER GRAPH - Yubisaki Kara Sekai wo[320kbps] (2006.06.21).rar14.67 MB000.00 B/s806103.07 GB
2004-07-30 07:46[nipponmusic] Ulfuls - You [192kbps](2006.3.8).rar62.95 MB000.00 B/s340106.87 GB
2005-02-28 01:26[nipponmusic] V6 - Good Day! (Type C) [192kbps].rar46.52 MB000.00 B/s53470.15 GB
2004-07-26 18:46[nipponmusic] Vidoll - Deathmate[320kbps](Album).rar54.58 MB000.00 B/s248186.15 GB
2006-01-29 23:06[nipponmusic] Viyuden - Aisucream to My Purin [320kbps] (2006.11.22)27.70 MB000.00 B/s28229.41 GB
2005-02-08 03:40[nipponmusic] WIZARD- Scarmiglione[320kbps] (2004.03.22).rar33.27 MB000.00 B/s280317.55 GB
2006-01-02 09:43[nipponmusic] YUI - Rolling star(PV)60.77 MB000.00 B/s2,214184.90 GB
2005-02-25 22:36[nipponmusic] Yui for Amane Kaoru - Good-bye days [2006.06.14].rar22.58 MB000.00 B/s1,12670.05 GB
2005-03-23 11:06[nipponmusic] Yumi Matsuzawa - Asu No Egao No Tame Ni [Gate Keepers] (320kbps) (2000.04.28).rar27.65 MB000.00 B/s39830.55 GB
2006-04-20 21:46[nipponmusic] Yuna Ito- HEART [320kbps]145.74 MB000.00 B/s3,9721.11 TB
2004-06-30 00:16[nipponmusic] ZONE - ura E~Complete B side Melodies~[128kbps] (album).rar77.61 MB000.00 B/s4882.15 TB
2004-10-11 07:4321.89 MB000.00 B/s4,400999.37 GB
2006-01-26 09:33[nipponmusic] hare-brained unity - Sputnik [192kbps] (2006.08.09)17.75 MB000.00 B/s2507.49 GB
2005-02-27 15:43[nipponmusic] hide - ROCKET DIVE [320kbps] [1998.01.28].rar25.41 MB000.00 B/s832165.76 GB
2006-05-05 08:43[nipponmusic] kurahashi yoeko -son to uso (2007.01.24)[320KBPS]30.14 MB000.00 B/s67026.96 GB
2005-03-29 20:53[nipponmusic] m-flo -Hands [192kbps] (Single).rar36.90 MB000.00 B/s1,170262.69 GB
2006-01-01 10:06[nipponmusic] m-flo loves BONNIE PINK - Love Song(2006.11.08)44.30 MB000.00 B/s1,136210.61 GB
2007-02-23 08:56[nipponmusic] m.c.+A・T - Uh~lalala [320kbps]38.67 MB000.00 B/s84065.69 GB
2004-10-19 04:03[nipponmusic] maximum the hormone - Rockimpo goroshi (PV).wmv30.77 MB000.00 B/s194301.40 GB
2006-04-26 15:16[nipponmusic] misono-hottotaimu(2007.02.07) [PV]177.21 MB000.00 B/s388108.37 GB
2006-04-29 16:03[nipponmusic] mr.children -fake(192k)[2007.01.24]15.48 MB000.00 B/s4,802222.50 GB
2004-07-16 12:06[nipponmusic] the pillows-Gazelle City[320kbps].rar21.85 MB000.00 B/s7424.19 TB
2006-05-04 10:46[nipponmusic] tohoshinki - STEP BY STEP (2007.01.24)[320kbps]49.07 MB000.00 B/s1,11887.34 GB
2005-08-09 15:3340.80 MB000.00 B/s474211.48 GB
2004-10-22 02:03[nipponmusic]175R- Go! Upstart! [128kbps](2002.02.06).rar38.61 MB000.00 B/s270538.23 GB
2004-08-21 11:10[nipponmusic]175r-1769 inarock [128kbps] (1999 single).rar11.43 MB000.00 B/s27466.09 GB
1979-07-14 12:16[nipponmusic]ZARD - Kanashii hodo Anata ga suki Karatto ikou! [320kbs][2006.03.08](single).rar41.75 MB000.00 B/s00.00 B
2004-12-08 03:20[nipponmusic] Beat Crusaders - Solitaire (2006.04.05) (PV).avi66.55 MB000.00 B/s8323.35 TB
2005-04-13 12:33[nipponmusic] D'espairsRay - Kogoeru Yoru ni Saita Hana [128kbs][2006.04.05].zip12.88 MB000.00 B/s44649.61 GB
2005-04-11 15:16[nipponmusic] Zigzo - Chelsea [VBR 128~192 kbs][2001.11.21].zip11.46 MB000.00 B/s2098.17 GB
2006-05-06 08:53[nippponmusic] sacra - Kimi no Sonzai [320kbps]18.86 MB000.00 B/s50014.01 GB
 Totals18.28 GB12 284,857294.12 TB

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