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Seeds/Peers: 1,680/329 (1:5.11)
Downloads: 157,014,524
Transfer: 313.73 PB


Date Filename Size Seeds Clients Speed DL Xfer'd
2006-05-13 02:33[KN3] Gene Diver 01-02 [D21E738F].mkv175.06 MB000.00 B/s1,556487.02 GB
2006-05-13 02:50[KN3] Gene Diver 03-04 [BD9EB716].mkv174.75 MB000.00 B/s869271.65 GB
2006-05-13 02:33[KN3] Gene Diver 05-06 [97216739].mkv174.79 MB000.00 B/s844240.00 GB
2007-03-25 19:06[KN3] Gene Diver 07-08 [43938FA7].mkv174.69 MB000.00 B/s407275.19 GB
2007-11-27 20:23[KN3] Gene Diver 09-10 [048D64F1].mkv155.99 MB000.00 B/s421146.60 GB
2009-01-22 08:30[KN3] Gene Diver 11-12 [E1FD872A].mkv161.24 MB000.00 B/s23246.85 GB
2009-09-25 14:23[KN3] Gene Diver 13-14 [B70EF4C1].mkv174.76 MB000.00 B/s22668.43 GB

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TotalsFile SizeSeedsClientsDownloadsTransferred
 1.16 GB004,5551.50 TB

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