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One Piece
Detektiv Conan

Neue Torrents

Datum Dateiname Größe Seeds Leecher Speed DL Xfer'd
2010-10-12 20:03[HIX] One Piece 375 [400p][6AD65BCA].avi231.02 MB000.00 B/s69134.62 GB
2010-11-03 19:54[HIX] One Piece 377 [400p] [65F8C7C5].avi231.08 MB000.00 B/s58143.35 GB
2010-09-23 12:53[HIX] One Piece 374 [400p][E397FAE2].avi231.05 MB000.00 B/s65152.51 GB
2010-11-04 23:52[HIX] One Piece 472 [400p][EB996C72].avi233.18 MB000.00 B/s162477.84 GB
2010-10-28 19:22[HIX] One Piece 471 [400p][F77E2A5A].avi233.10 MB000.00 B/s167373.19 GB

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Detektiv Conan

Datum Dateiname Größe Seeds Leecher Speed DL Xfer'd
2008-12-24 16:54[HIX] Detective Conan Movie 11 [54543710].avi1.00 GB000.00 B/s4194.29 TB

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One Piece

Datum Dateiname Größe Seeds Leecher Speed DL Xfer'd
2009-03-08 04:03[ADC-Germany-HIX] One Piece 311-320 [1280x720][Batch]2.74 GB000.00 B/s56131.75 TB
2009-03-12 01:56[ADC-Germany-HIX] One Piece 311-320 [Batch]2.28 GB000.00 B/s41217.42 TB
2009-03-23 21:50[ADC-Germany] One Piece 263-270 [Batch]1.55 GB000.00 B/s1546.85 TB
2009-03-08 03:30[ADC-Germany] One Piece 271-280 [Batch]1.87 GB000.00 B/s26512.09 TB
2009-03-08 03:13[ADC-Germany] One Piece 281-290 [Batch]1.95 GB000.00 B/s31411.19 TB
2010-02-22 10:53[ADC-Germany] One Piece 291-300 [1280x720][Batch]2.74 GB000.00 B/s694.10 TB
2009-03-08 03:30[ADC-Germany] One Piece 291-300 [Batch]1.98 GB000.00 B/s3129.47 TB
2009-03-08 06:50[ADC-Germany] One Piece 301-310 [1280x720][Batch]2.74 GB000.00 B/s52227.53 TB
2009-03-12 01:56[ADC-Germany] One Piece 301-310 [Batch]2.15 GB000.00 B/s3328.33 TB
2009-08-29 10:43[HIX] One Piece 321-330 [1280x720][Batch]2.73 GB000.00 B/s77425.50 TB
2009-04-12 18:40[HIX] One Piece 321-330 [Batch]2.28 GB000.00 B/s50017.21 TB
2009-10-27 21:13[HIX] One Piece 331-340 [1280x720][Batch]2.57 GB000.00 B/s90831.01 TB
2009-07-21 07:16[HIX] One Piece 331-340 [Batch]2.22 GB000.00 B/s44918.10 TB
2009-02-19 20:40[HIX] One Piece 341-350 [1280x720][Batch]2.73 GB000.00 B/s1,13354.45 TB
2009-02-13 17:26[HIX] One Piece 341-350 [Batch]2.26 GB000.00 B/s62036.27 TB
2009-09-20 15:30[HIX] One Piece 351-360 [1280x720][Batch]2.73 GB000.00 B/s92440.52 TB
2009-12-22 11:23[HIX] One Piece 351-360 [Batch]2.26 GB000.00 B/s43521.21 TB
2012-03-22 10:43[HIX] One Piece 361-370 [1280x720][Batch]2.73 GB000.00 B/s2007.39 TB
2012-03-10 17:53[HIX] One Piece 361-370 [Batch]2.26 GB000.00 B/s1353.99 TB
2012-03-28 15:46[HIX] One Piece 371 [2872F151].avi231.01 MB000.00 B/s222482.26 GB
2012-04-09 08:36[HIX] One Piece 371 [HDTV.x264.aac][1280x720][23B5CCF3].mp4279.96 MB000.00 B/s365279.72 GB
2012-04-17 02:26[HIX] One Piece 372 [E7883A31].avi231.10 MB000.00 B/s230297.65 GB
2012-04-28 19:00[HIX] One Piece 372 [HDTV.x264.aac][1280x720][DE263F70].mp4279.97 MB000.00 B/s314632.18 GB
2011-03-14 10:53[HIX] One Piece 373 [49BDA1F8].avi231.03 MB000.00 B/s291389.90 GB
2011-03-15 16:03[HIX] One Piece 373 [HDTV.x264.aac][1280x720][19CF8352].mp4280.00 MB000.00 B/s410790.72 GB
2016-04-01 12:43[HIX] One Piece 374 [400p][E397FAE2].avi231.05 MB000.00 B/s65152.51 GB
2013-04-27 09:56[HIX] One Piece 374 [720p.x264.aac][9FB42219].mp4260.09 MB000.00 B/s83466.32 GB
2017-08-13 15:03[HIX] One Piece 375 [400p][6AD65BCA].avi231.02 MB000.00 B/s69134.62 GB
2013-05-16 17:00[HIX] One Piece 375 [720p.x264.aac][7D5C5DE4].mp4260.14 MB000.00 B/s116921.92 GB
2014-08-28 14:53[HIX] One Piece 376 [400p][3EF50979].avi231.09 MB000.00 B/s6232.47 GB
2013-06-06 12:43[HIX] One Piece 376 [720p.x264.aac][A7DD08BB].mp4259.82 MB000.00 B/s96148.84 GB
2013-06-07 23:10[HIX] One Piece 377 v2 [720p.x264.aac][AD4239B3].mp4265.24 MB000.00 B/s79431.02 GB
2016-10-06 08:30[HIX] One Piece 377 [400p] [65F8C7C5].avi231.08 MB000.00 B/s58143.35 GB
2010-01-06 00:00[HIX] One Piece 411-420 [1280x720][Batch]2.74 GB000.00 B/s1665.34 TB
2013-07-08 13:53[HIX] One Piece 411-420 [Batch]2.27 GB000.00 B/s725.80 TB
2010-09-19 07:00[HIX] One Piece 421-430 [1280x720][Batch]2.74 GB000.00 B/s372.95 TB
2015-09-24 01:53[HIX] One Piece 421-430 [Batch]2.28 GB000.00 B/s161.25 TB
2010-09-19 07:33[HIX] One Piece 431-440 [1280x720][Batch]2.54 GB000.00 B/s342.02 TB
2015-09-24 05:30[HIX] One Piece 431-440 [Batch]2.28 GB000.00 B/s231.50 TB
2010-10-02 18:53[HIX] One Piece 441-450 [1280x720][Batch]2.54 GB000.00 B/s315.72 TB
2013-11-20 02:53[HIX] One Piece 441-450 [Batch]2.28 GB000.00 B/s21200.63 GB
2010-10-27 09:26[HIX] One Piece 451-460 [1280x720][Batch]2.54 GB000.00 B/s885.39 TB
2013-12-14 17:43[HIX] One Piece 451-460 [Batch]2.28 GB000.00 B/s764.38 TB
2010-12-20 03:16[HIX] One Piece 461-470 [1280x720][Batch]2.54 GB000.00 B/s432.72 TB
2014-02-06 12:16[HIX] One Piece 461-470 [Batch]2.27 GB000.00 B/s13398.09 GB
2015-11-27 16:50[HIX] One Piece 471 [400p][F77E2A5A].avi233.10 MB000.00 B/s167373.19 GB
2010-12-20 02:43[HIX] One Piece 471 [720p.x264.aac][581EA104].mp4259.77 MB000.00 B/s2444.12 TB
2015-12-04 22:26[HIX] One Piece 472 [400p][EB996C72].avi233.18 MB000.00 B/s162477.84 GB
2010-12-27 06:40[HIX] One Piece 472 [720p.x264.aac][25FCFFDF].mp4260.15 MB000.00 B/s2381.39 TB
2015-04-28 12:20[HIX] One Piece 473 [400p][089C1AE5].avi233.14 MB000.00 B/s170314.70 GB
2011-01-07 18:13[HIX] One Piece 473 [720p.x264.aac][564B3909].mp4260.21 MB000.00 B/s2671.76 TB
2011-07-26 12:16[HIX] One Piece 474 [400p][E76675BC].avi233.20 MB000.00 B/s133385.39 GB
2011-01-11 04:26[HIX] One Piece 474 [720p.x264.aac][515BC332].mp4260.21 MB100.00 B/s3322.30 TB
2012-07-21 21:53[HIX] One Piece 475 [400p][5D9045FB].avi233.18 MB000.00 B/s182377.78 GB
2011-01-16 18:03[HIX] One Piece 475 [720p.x264.aac][425170F0].mp4260.34 MB000.00 B/s3573.22 TB
2012-07-26 07:43[HIX] One Piece 476 [400p][83E8CB9E].avi233.14 MB000.00 B/s197342.10 GB
2011-01-20 02:36[HIX] One Piece 476 [720p.x264.aac][3B02B6F0].mp4260.07 MB000.00 B/s245831.41 GB
2012-08-07 15:50[HIX] One Piece Episode 0 [480p.x264.aac][CAAC3C08].mp4175.02 MB000.00 B/s245966.05 GB
2013-06-13 22:13[HIX] One Piece Mugiwara Theater 01-05 [400p]165.63 MB000.00 B/s86113.93 GB
2012-08-07 11:06[HIX] One Piece Mugiwara Theater 01-05 [720p.x264.aac]214.81 MB000.00 B/s183249.82 GB
2010-02-04 19:33[HIX] One Piece Opening [D91E5FE9].avi24.03 MB000.00 B/s9016.12 GB

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 81.94 GB1015,816448.64 TB

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