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Tracker Wide Statistics
Seeds/Peers: 1,612/505 (1:3.19)
Downloads: 157,178,812
Transfer: 314.21 PB

Date   Filename   Size   Seeds   Clients   Speed   DL   Xfer'd  
2007-05-23 10:03(G P) BUBBLEGUM CRISIS + MUSIC VIDEOS3.42 GB100.00 B/s1,50826.41 TB
2012-02-14 03:26(G P) Berserk 1080p36.45 GB000.00 B/s2,105146.77 TB
2012-02-14 01:30(G P) Berserk 720p14.16 GB010.00 B/s1,74265.64 TB
2012-03-20 23:43(G P) Escaflowne 1080p35.67 GB000.00 B/s63948.70 TB
2008-08-17 06:13(G P) Eureka Seven13.24 GB000.00 B/s21,295370.08 TB
2008-06-17 02:43(G P) Flag4.43 GB300.00 B/s4,21856.93 TB
2007-02-11 08:53(G P) GASARAKI7.03 GB301.68 MB/s4,20668.69 TB
2007-02-10 05:23Mospeada4.64 GB010.00 B/s5,66646.52 TB
2008-10-31 20:30(G P) GIANT ROBO5.19 GB000.00 B/s6,37040.74 TB
2009-12-08 08:13(G P) GaoGaiGar14.89 GB010.00 B/s1,23765.81 TB
2012-11-17 06:50(G P) Giant Robo OVA 1080p14.60 GB600.00 B/s12,007150.31 TB
2012-11-17 06:50(G P) Giant Robo OVA 720p8.98 GB100.00 B/s4,70055.23 TB
2008-04-05 14:26(G P) Gunbuster2.36 GB010.00 B/s1,7209.76 TB
2009-07-17 07:43(G P) Heroic Legend of Arslan2.69 GB000.00 B/s1,912151.28 TB
2008-06-17 09:40(G P) KISHIN CORPS2.44 GB010.00 B/s9228.97 TB
2012-08-12 01:23(G P) Macross - Do You Remember Love (1080p 10-bit)(12415CFE).mkv15.03 GB000.00 B/s1,35641.70 TB
2012-08-12 00:00(G P) Macross - Do You Remember Love (720p 10-bit)(67204B40).mkv5.18 GB200.00 B/s1,23814.83 TB
2014-10-14 00:13(G P) Monster 31-454.30 GB000.00 B/s90382.41 GB
2015-02-04 07:13(G P) Monster 46-604.25 GB000.00 B/s72435.46 GB
2015-03-27 18:13(G P) Monster21.31 GB100.00 B/s75455.94 TB
2012-10-13 16:10(G P) Ninja Scroll (1080p, 10-bit)(FE76B3A8).mkv7.17 GB000.00 B/s3554.83 TB
2012-07-18 19:10(G P) Ninja Scroll (720p, 10-bit)(D46CAAAC).mkv2.99 GB010.00 B/s226481.99 GB
2008-11-27 06:56(G P) Outlaw Star6.32 GB000.00 B/s2,35040.29 TB
2012-06-23 18:53(G P) Overman King Gainer8.19 GB000.00 B/s66011.21 TB
2010-08-06 13:16(G P) Patlabor OVA 1080p9.83 GB000.00 B/s54020.77 TB
2012-01-02 02:40(G P) Patlabor OVA 720p4.92 GB000.00 B/s62213.58 TB
2011-10-08 20:10(G P) Patlabor OVA2 1080p15.94 GB000.00 B/s1437.67 TB
2011-10-03 22:56(G P) Patlabor OVA2 720p6.56 GB000.00 B/s24910.46 TB
2011-05-09 09:50(G P) Patlabor TV 720p22.12 GB000.00 B/s89090.79 TB
2011-11-14 15:03(G P) SDF Macross12.48 GB000.00 B/s2,37174.49 TB
2008-01-23 20:26(G P) SHINESMAN680.36 MB020.00 B/s718794.96 GB
2009-12-24 13:06(G P) Tekkaman Blade12.53 GB010.00 B/s64031.04 TB
2007-12-26 04:06(G P) Terra e...(x264)(B9BEB2ED).mkv1.24 GB010.00 B/s1,4934.84 TB
2009-10-14 08:06(G P) Terra e4.73 GB010.00 B/s4,39545.49 TB
2010-01-12 18:13(G P) Toushou Daimos 01(x264)(40EDF7D7).mkv293.02 MB010.00 B/s1,0941.42 TB
2010-02-05 06:56(G P) Toushou Daimos 02(x264)(5C48EBD9).mkv327.56 MB010.00 B/s5441.04 TB
2012-01-25 07:20(G P) Toushou Daimos 03(x264)(88F24E17).mkv327.62 MB000.00 B/s4611.80 TB
2012-05-05 16:16(G P) Toushou Daimos 04(x264)(09D2E7A1).mkv327.44 MB000.00 B/s3861.07 TB
2012-06-24 11:00(G P) Toushou Daimos 05(x264)(1DB36845).mkv327.45 MB000.00 B/s324984.98 GB
2012-12-16 16:23(G P) Toushou Daimos 06(x264)(65F64819).mkv292.56 MB000.00 B/s293815.80 GB
2013-02-03 19:16(G P) Toushou Daimos 07(x264)(3B59EC90).mkv311.80 MB000.00 B/s277661.46 GB
2013-08-10 13:16(G P) Toushou Daimos 08(x264)(FE5D75F3).mkv292.77 MB000.00 B/s2601.25 TB
2009-02-10 10:16(G P) Vampire Hunter D(x264)(0E102EA9).mkv1.12 GB010.00 B/s7863.41 TB
2010-03-11 18:10(G P) Vampire Princess Miyu OVA1.31 GB020.00 B/s8242.60 TB
2012-01-27 00:10(G P) Venus Wars (x264 1080p)(B6FB6722).mkv10.57 GB000.00 B/s1,21917.37 TB
2013-02-12 21:36(G P) Venus Wars (x264 720p)(0E7C0348).mkv6.23 GB000.00 B/s2182.19 TB
2008-09-24 00:53(G P) Venus Wars1.30 GB000.00 B/s2,7369.72 TB
2009-02-15 11:23(G P) Votoms15.78 GB010.00 B/s1,246176.24 TB
2007-07-10 20:50(G P) Zeorymer1.28 GB000.00 B/s2,6537.31 TB
2014-01-28 04:40(G P) Zeorymer 1080p4.15 GB000.00 B/s58412.50 TB
2012-12-30 07:20(G P) Zeorymer 720p1.93 GB000.00 B/s5381.72 TB
2007-07-05 01:56(G P) Zipang6.65 GB000.00 B/s2,64429.44 TB
2009-11-19 02:00(G P) Moonlight Mile S2 (Touch Down) - 01v2 [720p][78EC6E5C].mp4300.48 MB000.00 B/s4,6173.01 TB
2010-01-12 09:03(G P) Moonlight Mile S2 (Touch Down) - 02 [720p][BA3BD78C].mp4300.54 MB000.00 B/s6,3995.68 TB
2008-06-13 11:13(G P) Moonlight Mile S2 (Touch Down) - 03 [720p][FA0A432B].mp4300.78 MB010.00 B/s3,5932.85 TB
2008-12-21 20:56(G P) Now and Then, Here and There (R2J)3.43 GB300.00 B/s13,122134.50 TB
2009-07-30 23:13(G P) Saint Seiya Hades (Chapter Elysion) 01v2+OP+ED258.70 MB010.00 B/s15750.69 GB
2006-07-14 15:06BLUE GENDER6.63 GB90170.55 B/s20,034380.51 TB
 Totals399.90 GB2919 154,4182.52 PB

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